Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Nail Rock

Having lusted after (but not splashed out for) Minx nail transfers for a long while, I was pretty excited by the recent release of Nail Rock at ASOS and Topshop.  These 'designer' nail wraps promise the chance to get the effect of professional transfers, but applied at a variety of styles such as leopard, lace print and metallics.

I decided to order a packet of the white and gold lace from ASOS and after studying the instructions I got to work!

The concept is fairly simple.  You select a wrap closest to your cuticle size, buff your nail to remove the shine and then lay the wrap at the base of your nail.  Then apply heat with a hairdryer (they recommend a travel size dryer, but I had to make do with my usual one!) to the base, then to each side, and press down each time to ensure they stick.  You then file downwards to get rid of the excess at the top of the nail...and you're done.

I definitely made a few mistakes on the first one or two, but once I'd got the hang of it, things ran a bit more smoothly.  There are still a few lumps and bumps (mostly on my thumbnails) but I think the next attempt could be perfect, and I'm already trying to decide on which style to go for next :)

What do you reckon?


  1. How cool are they! I was looking at them on ASOS the other day too x

  2. They're definitely worth giving a go! Mine are driving me mad as I've not applied them as well as I could have...but I think with a bit of practice they could look even better :) x

  3. i love this!! how cool! def think they would be perfect for my xmas parties! thanks for the review!! :) x


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