Monday, 19 July 2010

You may now kiss the bride!

So anyone who follows me on Twitter may be aware that recently I have been hunting for the perfect dress for a wedding I'm attending in a month. Being the fuss pot and bare leg (on me) hater that I am, this has turned into a real challenge - finding the perfect maxi that isn't too smart, isn't too casual and isn't too revealing...all on a budget!

I've already bought and sent one maxi dress, and have just ordered another from ASOS to test - fingers crossed it passes my strict quality control - otherwise I may have to look for other options.

Anyway, enough about me! I thought I would try and come up with some outfits for the plethora of weddings this summer...

Dress, £85, Warehouse
Shoes, £20, New Look
Bangles, £10, ASOS
Clutch, £30, Accessorize

Blouse, £35, Warehouse
Skirt, £32, Topshop
Shoes, £55, Topshop
Fascinator, £22, Accessorize

Dress, £42, Miss Selfridge
Shoes, £49.99, River Island
Fascinator, £15, ASOS

Dress, £85, French Connection
Shoes, £50, Office
Bag, £34.99, River Island
Bangles, £14, Accessorize

Dress, £49.99, River Island
Bag, £50, Topshop
Shoes, £70, Office

So, what's your failsafe wedding outfit?

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Giving you the cold shoulder . . .

£45, Topshop

£39, Miss Selfridge

£44.99, River Island

£35, Topshop

£40, Miss Selfridge

£24.99, River Island

£32, Rare

£39.99, River Island

£28, Warehouse

£60, Oasis

£45, Topshop

£60, Warehouse

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Review - L'Oreal Perfect Clean

Whilst perusing the shelves of Boots a few weeks ago, my attention was grabbed by the new range of L'Oreal cleansers - not just because they were on offer, but because of the funny little 'scrublet' attached.

As I am a big fan of face scrubs (I use them a couple of times a week alongside my usual routine) I decided to pick up the gentle scrub and see how well this little scrublet perfomed.

First off I was surprised by the texture of the scrublet -for some reason I was expecting something a little rougher than a rubber pad covered in soft bumps, but it turns out it works perfectly in harmony with the scrub - which is definitely as gentle as it promises.

I've been using the scrub every other day after cleansing and it really does manage to do what I need it to. The scrublet makes it super easy to apply meaning you don't end up finding granules in your hair, eyebrows, nose, anywhere! It also helps to get rid of all the extra dirt and smooth out my complexion without drying your skin out.

Once my current cleanser runs out I will definitely be trying the others in the range...I definitely love this little scrublet and it has served me well :)

Have you tried any of the cleansers in this range?

New Shoes!

Is there anything better?

Despite my longstanding love of shoes, I haven't come across any I 'had' to have so far this year...until recently - and I've bought two pairs in as many weeks, well, it would be rude not to treat my feet eh?

The first pair I picked up after the Clothes Show last week.  After my disappointment of the offerings at Earls Court I took a trip to Oxford Circus to try on a pair of shoes I'd had my eyes on for a while.

They are the Nate sandals.  Now these may not be to everyone's taste but to me they are the perfect summer shoe - comfortable, versatile and with just the right amount of 'edge'.  Yes, they are not pretty, but that's what I like...and they help harden up the soft chiffon tunics and floaty dresses I've been living in recently.  I also think they'd go perfectly with black tights in the autumn.  What do you think?  Too ugly, or just ugly enough? :)

The second pair of shoes may be familiar to a few of you as I tweeted my love of them this week.  It was a definite case of lust at first sight and when I spotted them in Topshop this weekend I had to try them on - and when a good few other customers stopped, stared and told me to buy them, who am I to say no?

They are the Swallow wedges - super high, chunky and really far!  Again, these will look fab with black opaques and little dresses to play up on the sixties style.  A quick word of warning though, I am usually a 7 but when I tried them on they fell off my definitely worth trying a size smaller.

So...anyone else had the 'new shoe' urge recently?

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Topshop Autumn / Winter

Fashion is a funny thing when it comes to the seasons...when it's freezing outside, all you can think about is new season maxi dresses and swimwear shopping, and by the time it's warm enough to wear them your mind is now on coats and trousers for winter.

Well, I don't know about you, but now I've seen this sneak peek of Topshop's new collection (courtesy of I am desperate for it to be chilly enough to wrap up in these lovely clothes. I am particularly loving the lace insert trousers, shearling coats, wooden heels and cute hats.

Which pieces will you be seeking out come September?

(Images courtesy of Topshop and instyle)