Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Giving you the cold shoulder . . .

£45, Topshop

£39, Miss Selfridge

£44.99, River Island

£35, Topshop

£40, Miss Selfridge

£24.99, River Island

£32, Rare

£39.99, River Island

£28, Warehouse

£60, Oasis

£45, Topshop

£60, Warehouse


  1. Oh, River Island, oh, Topshop... why are you doing this to me?! Why can't you design something very, very ugly for once... ;)

  2. @Ola - Oh I know! It's so hard to resist the prettiness :)

  3. It's easy to resist when there's no money to buy it all for... but I think it makes me feel even worse! I love the dark spotty RI one. Goooorge.

  4. Lovely picks!:D Sexy and chic.:D

    I really like the 3rd!:D
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    & Life According to Marie.

  5. @Marie - That one seems to be coming out on top so far :)

  6. oh, i love all these looks but my fave has to be the grey animal print one. i just love a great one shoulder dress. :D


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