Sunday, 4 July 2010

New Shoes!

Is there anything better?

Despite my longstanding love of shoes, I haven't come across any I 'had' to have so far this year...until recently - and I've bought two pairs in as many weeks, well, it would be rude not to treat my feet eh?

The first pair I picked up after the Clothes Show last week.  After my disappointment of the offerings at Earls Court I took a trip to Oxford Circus to try on a pair of shoes I'd had my eyes on for a while.

They are the Nate sandals.  Now these may not be to everyone's taste but to me they are the perfect summer shoe - comfortable, versatile and with just the right amount of 'edge'.  Yes, they are not pretty, but that's what I like...and they help harden up the soft chiffon tunics and floaty dresses I've been living in recently.  I also think they'd go perfectly with black tights in the autumn.  What do you think?  Too ugly, or just ugly enough? :)

The second pair of shoes may be familiar to a few of you as I tweeted my love of them this week.  It was a definite case of lust at first sight and when I spotted them in Topshop this weekend I had to try them on - and when a good few other customers stopped, stared and told me to buy them, who am I to say no?

They are the Swallow wedges - super high, chunky and really far!  Again, these will look fab with black opaques and little dresses to play up on the sixties style.  A quick word of warning though, I am usually a 7 but when I tried them on they fell off my definitely worth trying a size smaller.

So...anyone else had the 'new shoe' urge recently?


  1. Love those wedges! I ordered a whole load of shoes from the Office sale, still waiting for them to arrive so will see how they look! x

  2. The wedges are beautiful!! So jealous! x

  3. I'm always having the 'new shoe' urge!
    love both those pairs!

    Your blog is lovely, hope you stop by mines


  4. @StyleFrost - Ooh lots of new shoes for you! Office sales are the best :)

    @Georgina - I love them!!

    @Nav - Ha ha, I hope you feed that urge every so often :)

  5. loves both, but especially the wedges! gorgeous! xx

    I tried them on, and as you said, I'm usually a 7 too but they were too big and they didn't have a 6. Booooooo. I love them. X

  7. Lil - you must get them in your life, they are beautiful!!!

  8. great wedges....they are looking pretty cool

  9. Wah! Major shoe envy! Just cam across your blog from prettymuchpenniless's blogroll and I'm aleady a fan - I lov ethe NAte sandals!

    Lots of love,



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