Thursday, 4 November 2010

New Hair!

So as soon as the email dropped into my inbox the other week, I was both intrigued by and keen to try the new John Frieda Precision Foam Colour. 

I hadn't dyed my hair for a while and although I had a few highlights put through my lower layers just over a month ago (courtesy of Wahanda and Lisa Shepherd London) with the cold weather I started to feel the 'dullness' creep through.  And what better antidote to this?  A full head of glossy colour...and the best colour of all of!

I was after a nice rich auburn (not Cheryl Cole bright!) so when I saw this shade in the John Frieda range I decided to give it a whirl.

My hair is super thick and is getting rather long but having read a few reviews I decided to brave it and only get one box, as this apparently produces up to 2 litres of foam.

Application was pretty easy - after tilting the bottle a few times, you just give it a squeeze to produce the foam and apply to your hair as you would a shampoo.  I found this pretty easy but was a little worried when my hair definitely didn't look as foamy as it was 'supposed' to...however I put this down to the sheer amount of hair on my head, not the foam itself!

So...onto the results!  The dye washed out pretty easily, and I applied the conditioner supplied - for once my hair didn't feel matted and sucked of moisture as it usually does with box dyes.  And the colour?  Exactly as it was on the box...and how often does that happen?!

So this is what it looked like before

And...this is how it looks now (albeit messy and unbrushed after a day at work)

Hello shine!
So..what do you think?  Will you be giving this a go...or sticking to your tried and tested methods?  Let me know :)


  1. I'm blonde and staying that way, but this foam colour looks really good, your hair looks gorge!

  2. Aw thank you! I do miss being blonde sometimes but I'm enjoying embracing the red :)

  3. your hair looks beautiful!!
    I've just recieved a voucher for a free one of these so I shall be nipping to Boots at the weekend to pick mine up! Your shade looks so gorgeous, maybe i'll be tempted to copy you :p

    laura xx

  4. Laura - it's a lovely colour, you should!!

    I was hoping to get one of the freebie ones but no luck...may have to grab a couple when it's on offer :)

  5. Your hair looks gorgeous! The colour is really warm x


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