Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Great Cape Debate

Let's set the scene...

Back in September whilst visiting my parents in Somerset, I took a day trip to Bath with my Mum for shopping, lunch and pedicures...bliss. 

Whilst there I popped into Gap where I tried on a lovely beige woollen cape with a brown leather buckle and decided I loved it...only to put it back on the shelf in the hope that I'd find it in black or grey - 'my' neutrals.

Have I found it since?  In any colour? No.  This has led to a serious case of shoppers remorse, mixed with a little relief that I don't have to worry about how exactly I would team this with my everyday wardrobe.  In an ideal world, I would be able to spend every day in skinny jeans and jumpers or little dresses and ankle boots (the looks I feel work best with this most awkward of outerwear) but alas, my office job means this is often not the case.

However this hasn't stopped me looking...and here are a few of the ones I have had my eye on.

£68, Miss Selfridge

£75, Topshop

£90, Warehouse

£160, French Connection

So I'm opening it up to the floor...what do you think? Are capes a yes or a no? What would you team it with? And most importantly, have you seen this poorly described Gap one anywhere?

Help me a girl out will you? :)


  1. Capes are a total yes for me! They just seem so classic & chic :) You should definitely get one! xx

  2. Ooh Laura, I would love to be classic and chic! You are starting to sway me :)


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