Thursday, 11 March 2010

Top 5 beauty products...right now.

So I've shown you my favourite 5 items in my wardrobe, so I thought I'd branch out a bit and show you my top 5 beauty products...right now. Yes, I am just as fickle with my make up as I am with my clothes, so once again these are bound to change.

Mac Blush Ombre in Azalea Blossom. I only got this very recently but it has already found it's way into my daily make-up routine. I know Ripe Peach was the "one" to get, but after seeing swatches of both, I decided to go pink :) It's a lovely sheer colour and not as cool as it seems - very easy to layer up until you get the colour you need. Love it.

Maybelline Dream Satin foundation. This is another new addition to my collection and a pretty unexpected one. I've actually been waiting for Revlon Photoready foundation to hit the shops, but to no avail, as I have no idea when I'll ever see it! However I was in dire need of foundation and saw this on offer in Boots the other day. It was between this and Bourjois' healthy mix and I'm actually glad I went for the cheaper option. The consistency is lovely and the coverage is just what I needed - very easily blended and buildable.

Mac eyeshadow in Star Violet. This is my favourite eyeshadow of all time. It's a gorgeous shade - a deep reddy purple - goes with everything and really brings out my green eyes.

Mac lipstick in Snob. Following on from my favourite eyeshadow - my favourite lipstick...until I finally get my hands on Viva Glam Gaga!

Last but definitely not least - my beloved Ardell lashes and Duo glue - the ultimate night out accessory :)

So...what are your make-up bag essentials right now?? If you want any more in depth reviews of any of these just let me know :)


  1. I love Azalea Blossom, such a gorgeous color!

  2. Your nail varnish is gorgeous, what colour is it? I went for the ripe peach but I'm waiting until I have a tan.

  3. @meangirl My nails are by Asda :) It's my beloved £1.50 George at Asda nail varnish - I think it's called be mine. Bargain!

    I think peachy shades look lovely whether you have a tan or should give the ripe peach a go now :)

  4. I have that blush. It is beautiful and Snob is def my favorite lipstick. <3 All good choices! :D

  5. @Bicky - I love the blush, and think it should be raved about as much as Ripe lovely! And glad to see another Snob lover, it's the best :) x

  6. Oh I'm so glad you shared your nail varnish in the comments - I was just about to ask where it was from! It's so very gorgeous.


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