Monday, 1 March 2010

Recent Purchases...

First off, apologies for being a bit absent recently, I've been a little bit busy!

I just thought I'd show you the fruits of my recent 'labours' - namely a couple of trips into London and Westfields - there's nothing like catching up with friends whilst surrounded by fabulous shops and delicious food :)

First up is something I've been working on for a while - my first ever Mac palette. I've been collecting mac eyeshadows for years now and I finally decided it made sense to buy a palette and save myself a bit of well as give myself something pretty to look at!

It's still 3 pans short (and I'm still not sure on the inclusion of Pink Venus) so any suggestions on what to fill it up with will be greatly appreciated :)

1st row: Nanogold, Pink Venus, Hypnotizing, Twinks
1nd row: Dazzlelight, Jete, Satin Taupe, Antiqued
3rd row: All That Glitters, Star Violet, Woodwinked, Carbon

I also popped into Topshop, but was pretty unimpressed by their offerings, apart from the shoes. I live in Topshop ballet pumps so whenever I see a pair I like, I get them and wear them to death. I have a real thing for anything horse related so of course thought these were ever so lovely - and for £28 they are great quality.

And last but not least is this little dress I found in Hollister. It's pretty summery but I think it'll help get me ready for spring and cheer me up in these cold days. It's super short so I'll probably only ever wear it with leggings, but I think this will get a lot of wear - especially in the sunshine :)

Anyone else picked up anything good recently? Am I mad for buying summer dresses when it's freezing outside?


  1. what a cute dress! love the shoes too :-) x

  2. Really loving the dress and those shoes!!

  3. Im so glad you went red you suit it so much in your profile pic!! you soon wont miss being blonde promise me :) so jealous of your purchases, love the palette and the shoes!!
    vicki xo

  4. Oh good, I'm glad everyone approves of the dress - I felt a bit silly buying a flimsy frock in February but couldn't resist! x

    @Vicki - Aw thank you! I'm still getting used to it, but already thinking I may have to go a bit more vibrant is all about the red :) x

  5. You should check out 'Patina' eyeshadow by Mac - it suits any skintone and is a wonderful colour for a neutral eye!


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