Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Wish List Wednesday

This is dedicated to a love affair that has been reignited of recent days...yes I'm talking about me and Topshop. 

I actually haven't bought anything in Toppers for weeks now - there's been nothing that's really grabbed me, or that has been a price I'm willing to pay.  £15 for a plain tee I can get for £8 in H&M? No thanks.  However the recent new arrivals have got me excited once again...and here are just a few I love -

Floral Jumpsuit, £60

Silk Boutique Dress, £60

Embellished 'Dress Up Topshop' Dress, £125 (*gulp*)

Silk Boutique Blouse, £58

Floral Swimsuit, £32.50
Neon Trim Pumps, £16

Fuschia Suede Clutch, £18

There you go...definitely got my Topshop mojo back! What are you lusting after this week ladies?

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