Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Selfridges Project Ocean - save our seas in style

Selfridges have recently launched a new initative to encourage us to start thinking about the possibility of a world with no more fish in the sea and become aware of the increasing issues of sustainability, overfishing and marine protection.

This may be a little different to the usual content on here, but this immediately caught my attention. As my parents live in Somerset (farming capital!) I am acutely aware of the importance of understanding where your food comes from and making sure you always consider the welfare of animals and their environment.  So why should it be any different for fish?

Selfridges have transformed their London store into an homage to the ocean for the next five weeks and will be holding talks, film screenings, NGO workshops and Guerilla Science for families, really getting the public involved in the many issues facing the oceans.  The store's Ultralounge will also be transformed into the Dive Bar and will host musical acts and performances every Friday night.

If like me you are a bit of an avid cook, they have also produced a 'Fish Guide' which details all of the fish you should eat and those you should avoid, as well as alternative dishes, to ensure that we do the best for the oceans...and have delicious meals too :)

And don't worry - being Selfridges they haven't forgotten about the fashion!  Katharine Hamnett, Queen of the slogan tee, has produced an exclusive collection of t-shirts, totes and even a beach towel to get us thinking....and doing!

Slogan tee, £40, Selfridges

Slogan tee, £40, Selfridges

If you want to find out more, visit the dedicated site on the Selfridges website here and learn how you can eat and act without causing any damage to our valuable oceans and their inhabitants.  And if you want to donate (almost £54,000 raised so far) please do so...the fish will thank you.

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