Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Wish List Wednesday

No clothes this week - just a few items I've had my eye on that would bring my current wardrobe a little more up to date!

ASOS Bow Brooches

Bow brooches, £6 each, ASOS

I love these brooches and think they are a great idea, and the perfect way to update my simple blouses and jersey tops without spending a fortune!  The white lace is my favourite and I'm already thinking of what I could wear it with - think it would look lovely with one of my short sleeved sheer mint green blouses, or even a simple grey vest.  And for 6 quid? You could buy all three for the less than some of the bow neck tops in Topshop at the moment.

Topshop Wedges
Winston wedges, £50, Topshop

I adore my black suede Office wedges and wear them on pretty much every night out, despite the fact that falling over is inevitable in most of the slippery floored establishments I frequent!  However I think they may get pushed aside for the summer if Topshop get their way...these espadrille wedges are a nice manageable height, relatively affordable (which makes a change for Toppers at the moment!) and very summery without being too twee.  Love 'em.

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils

I had a play around with these in Space NK the other week and am now rather tempted to give them a go.  I especially love these three colours - Damned, a rich blood red (really summery right?), Roman Holiday, a bright candy pink and Bolero, a pastel peach.  Has anyone tried these? Worth going for?

So that's another Wednesday, another wish list done.  What's on yours?!


  1. O.m.g- thank you for this intro! I am going to asos right now to buy one of those bow ties. Adorable!!

  2. Ha ha - they are lovely...I want them all!!!

  3. Ahhh I want those nars velvet lip pencils! I've never tried a lip pencil before... that red colour and the peach one look gorgeous!!!


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