Friday, 27 May 2011

Pay Day Discounts!

It's payday. And it's a bank holiday.  Hoorah!

I think that definitely calls for some shopping, so here are some of the best online discounts I've found...any more - let me know :)

As stocked in Topshop, and as worn by various celebrities, there are some lovely dresses, blouses and playsuits to be had here.  And at the moment, if you enter the code SPRINGFLOWER you get £10 off your order.  Or that's what I thought! I put two dresses into my basket last night and ended up getting £10 off each and then another tenner off the total amount...and free delivery too - bargain!  Expires 31st May.

Two discounts for Warehouse that are definitely worth giving a go! 

First off, the code 'style2011' gives you 20% off, which is good enough on its own, but there's more - if you live within certain areas you can get free same day delivery - but be quick, it's only for today! Just enter the code deliverytreat at the checkout.  Oh, and you can use both codes on the same order - good times :)

25% some of my favourite shoes this season - just enter code - VIPSALE - expires 29th May

Use the code - NLVCTWJ - to receive 20% off and free delivery - expires on Monday 30th May.

If like me you love Xen Tan and its perfect olive based glow, run along to the website now and get 30% off all orders - expires

25% off orders with the code - 25DISCOUNT - expires 31st May

Any more codes out there? Let me know!!


  1. thank you so much! my friend and i just did a massive kurt geiger spree! the discount code was much appreciated! x

  2. Oh yay - so good to hear...I do like to encourage a bit of shoe shopping! :)

  3. I am in love with KG...but how big are those models feet?! Those shoes in that shot look really clunky on her, a bad choice!


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