Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Wish List Wednesday

Pay day this Friday - hurrah!! This is what I'll hopefully be making a beeline for once that money hits my bank account...

Antoni + Alison for Uniqlo Tees

I've always loved Antoni + Alison's designs and was delighted to see they had done a UT collaboration with Uniqlo.   Quirky tees for £12.99? Can't go wrong!! Annoyingly I'm yet to see these in store (ran into two before my lecture this evening to no avail) so I may have to make an online purchase...

Mac Quite Cute

An invite for a special preview evening popped into my inbox yesterday - which was a delight to see!! It isn't until 6th April so I'll have to put a little cash aside for at least one or two lippies...and oh well, go on then, one of the heart baked mineralise blushes as well.  Oh, and I need to remember to RSVP - I don't fancy the usual website scramble on a Tuesday lunchtime!

ASOS Satchel

How amazing is this yellow leather satchel?! Really don't think I can get away with the colour...but how I wish I could!!

So another wish list done - what's on your mind come payday?


  1. Loving the t-shirts, I think I need a "I can't stand you" Tee!

    Having to restrict shopping at the moment, but may have to break that for either one of these t-shirts or a cute floral dress of some description

  2. That satchel is gorgeous, of course you could get away with the colour, why not eh??!!
    Really love these tees, must check out the brand

  3. Ah I'm glad the t-shirts have gone down well! I love them - now just have to decide which one(s) to get!!

    Ash - Oh I am tempted!! :)

  4. I don't really like those message t-shirts, but the bag is so cute!


    The Elegance Hunter

  5. Those T-shirts are fab. I've just had a quick look online at the rest of the range and I now want the I heart info one really badly lol. x

  6. LizaLou - I really like the I heart fine art one too! They are fab x

  7. Love that satchel!! Gorgeous colour x

  8. i saw this satchel on asos and fell in love with it too! :) x


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