Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Wish List Wednesday

Not much on my mind this week - hectic week (and week before payday) = pathetic wishlist!  However there is one thing that is currently catching my eye...

Spring Stripes

Not quite breton, in case you think I'm heading in that direction again, no this time the stripes are inspired by a certain Miuccia Prada.  Big bold stripes in bright colours that are guaranteed to help you make an entrance, and my favourites so far have been spotted in H&M and ASOS.


  I'm thinking one of these bright striped dresses or tops are just the thing I need to cheer me up on a dreary day like today...go away fog!! I especially like the ASOS blue maxi - what do you think? I'm a little put off by the model's difficulty walking down the catwalk!

And...that's it.  Shocker! I'm sure I will think of more when I have some money burning a hole in my pocket...

In fact I still have my ASOS/Groupon code sitting patiently in my inbox, unfortunately I can't use it on the dresses I've had my eye on as they are already in the 25% off deal.  So I'm looking for inspiration beyond my saved items list! 

Did you get one of the deals? If so, have you spent your money yet? I'm actually hoping they get the new Illamasqua collection in now - fingers crossed!


  1. I just saw those striped H&M styles online and I'm dying to get to the store to purchase! So cute.

  2. I saw them in store yesterday - the dress on the right is especially lovely!

  3. they're cheerful but I'm not sure if I can pull off stripes :( will have to check out in store xxxx

  4. Ahh I think everyone can pull of stripes - it's just all about balance!! :)


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