Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Mac Quite Cute - Yum Yum Indeed!

After hearing mumblings on Monday night, I was pleased to log onto the Mac website and be greeted with the Quite Cute collection...a good week earlier than expected!

I immediately popped two lipsticks into my basket and checked out with a free delivery code at about 11.30pm.  And to my delight, they were delivered today.

So what did I choose?  Well I couldn't resist Candy Yum Yum - a bright matt neon pink.  And the other?  After seeing a few swatches online, I chose to go for Quite Cute - a white lilac cremesheen, a lighter version of Blooming Lovely from the Liberty of London collection released last year...and one of my favourites.

So here they are -

Quite Cute, Candy Yum Yum
And the swatches...

Bare lips
Quite Cute
Candy Yum Yum
Apologies for the messy swatches...but hopefully you can see just how good these colours are!! I'm definitely impressed with both.  Candy Yum Yum is super bright, and despite the matte finish, is not at all drying on the lips.  Quite Cute is much more subtle, and would look great alone, or layered over another lipstick (or with a gloss) to 'lilac it up' - ha!!

I'm not sure when it hits the stores (guessing next week as the preview is next Wednesday!) and the website currently has orders suspended for a few days...but if you place the items in your bag and enter your email into the pop up on the site, you'll be informed of when it is up and running AND get a code for a free Haute and Naughty mascara - not bad eh?

So what do you think?  Will you be getting anything from Quite Cute? Let me know :)


  1. these are really nice, but I'm not sure if I'd wear as bright colours as these :) xx

    I'm having a mini giveaway if you wanna check it out! :) xx

  2. candy yum yum is very bright but lovely x

  3. Those colours are gorgeous!! love the bright pink one, do they stay on well??

  4. Ash - I haven't worn them out yet (only arrived today!) but I can imagine CYY will last pretty well...whereas Quite Cute, being a cremesheen, will need a few more reapplications. I will try and update when I've given them a proper test run! x

  5. They look lovely, I think I'm gunna buy the Candy Yum Yum :)
    Thanks for the swatches as they really helped! :)

  6. LittleMissSparkles - no problem, I was lucky to get them nice and quick so wanted to get the swatches out there!!

    Lauren - I know!! It's definitely a must have...if you're brave enough :)

  7. I love them! Cabdy Yum Yum looks amazing, might have to check it out :)

  8. Quite Cute looks really pretty! :}

    This collection looks lovely, I'm so tempted to buy Candy Yum Yum!!!


  9. OMG I love, love, love your blog! Hope you can check out mine sometime :)...

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