Saturday, 11 June 2011

Label Lust - Whistles

Bow shift dress, £110

Carla dress, £135

Siri lace dress, £275

Tessa dress, £95
Stripe midi skirt, £95

Serena shorts, £65
Sweetheart blouse, £110

I treated myself to a Whistles dress last week (thank you Grazia discount!) and now have a shopping list as long as my arm...roll on the sales!  I went for the Tessa dress in orange and have already worn it twice.

The high street has lost a lot of its appeal to me recently, particularly due to how much everything is geared towards teenagers - there are loads of lovely dresses out there, but at bumskimming lengths? No thanks.  So Whistles recent offerings are a real breath of fresh air - well cut in flattering fabrics and great colours.  Nothing too short and lots of sleeves - amazing!  I'm particularly fond of the sixties inspired dresses and the midi length pieces.

Anything take your fancy?

You may have noticed the absence of my wish list this wednesday, sadly I was in an exam that day and have only just come back to Earth...thankfully my studies are now over (as long as I pass!) so normal service will now be resumed :)

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