Saturday, 26 June 2010

A new jewellery love . . .

So yesterday a friend and I took a trip to the Clothes Show London and the UK Beauty Awards after I was given a pair of free tickets by

The overall experience was a little underwhelming - whilst there was a good selection of brands and some pretty good freebies (We especially loved the Pantene photobooth - fab!) we both agreed that if we'd paid for tickets we would not have been impressed.

Yet I don't want to be totally negative, especially as I discovered a great jewellery brand that I just have to share with you :)

I am constantly on the lookout for delicate and simple jewellery, particularly necklaces and rings. It is a constant struggle for me to find rings that fit my bony fingers so when I came across Junk Jewels, a vintage inspired brand full of charm jewellery, it was a real moment of glee. I was also really impressed by the customer service - I found a lovely gold charm ring, but alas it didn't fit my ring finger. However when I told the girl working the stand she was more than happy to find me a ring that fitted, transfer the ring over and find the matching necklace.

There is also the opportunity to design your own jewellery - select the chain length and add as many charms as you'd like - my friend did this and came up with the perfect necklace after having trawled the boxes of charms and having a bit of help from the lovely staff.

So...this is what I picked up!

Wing charm ring, £5

Wing charm necklace, £8

'Oui' charm necklace, £8

Overall I was really impressed with this brand, and will definitely be taking a visit to their website soon :)


  1. I love the necklace, how cute!


  2. Wow, really lovely pieces :) Thats a shame yous werent too impressed overall, at least the tickets were free eh? xx

  3. @Rogue - I'm so glad the tickets were free! It was a good day out but to be honest you can find most of the brands there at Topshop Oxford least I got some nice jewellery though :) x

  4. That's a shame the show was a letdown, but finding a new source of sparkly goodies is always a bonus! :)

  5. I went to the Clothes Show on Friday and I didn't see Junk Jewels :( so sad!! haha

  6. woww, these peices are stunning

  7. aah too cute! love the little 'oui' necklace. what a shame about the clothes show, I've read a few disappointed blog reviews, wonder if they'll take notice?

    a x

    enter my 'sharing the love' scottish fashion awards giveaway with boohoo and Swarovski :)

  8. @girlinthecity - I know, I've read a few 'underwhelmed' reviews of it too, and I'm really not surprised...hopefully they will review it and either reduce the ticket prices or make it worth the money as I definitely wouldn't pay to go! x

  9. Awesome jewelry!
    I want this wing charm ring<3



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