Thursday, 3 June 2010

Holiday Shopping? less than a week I'm heading off to the sunshine state for my first family holiday in about a decade. To say I'm excited would be a slight understatement!

So as well as soaking up a bit of sun, jumping on a few rollercoasters and eating enough to sink a ship, we're also planning on doing a fair bit of shopping.

And this is where you ladies come in! Now the US shops aren't particularly alien to me, in fact I lived out there (in Arizona) for a year whilst at uni. However that was a few (read five) years ago and I have to admit I've become a little out of touch.

So ladies, if you've been recently - what have you HAD to get? Any great shops to recommend? Any real gems I would regret not picking up? And most importantly - anything been so overhyped it's worth passing on?

Or if you were in my shoes, what would be top of your shopping list?

Over to you :)

p.s. as I'm rather close to 100 followers, there will most likely be a giveaway on my return - well, I wouldn't want to be selfish, would I?

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  1. You lucky thing! I'd just have to go to Sephora and Forever21 and buy everything in sight! xx

  2. @Georgina - I'm so excited - I haven't been away for years and can't wait!

    I did hear a whispering of Forever 21 opening in the UK? Fingers crossed it's true! xx


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