Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Cut Price Chanel?

Anyone remember these?

Yep, the £50 Chanel temporary tattoos that got the beauty world in a frenzy just a few months ago. Now I wasn't (and still am not quite) convinced by these, but I know plenty of people for whom it was love at first sight and seemingly Topshop agreed!

Yes, trusty Topshop have come up with a selection of temporary tattoos, just a little 'inspired' by Chanel's offerings. And for £6.50. So if you didn't drum up the courage to fork over £50, perhaps these will be a little easier to try out. But for me? Well, I'm still a little apprehensive, but maybe we'll see how it goes...

Available instore and online - double C's not included.

Chanel images via style.com


  1. Sound fun, but I'm not completely sold on this idea!! I nominated you for an award over my blog, check it out



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