Saturday, 20 February 2010

A fashionable thought...part one.

Seeing as it's London Fashion Week right now, I thought I'd take some time to show you some of my favourite designers...

A couple of years ago, whilst interning at Elle magazine, I got the opportunity to work as the fashion features researcher and editor's assistant on Elle Collections - the spring/summer 2008 issue.

This one!

This was a great experience for me - not only did I get the opportunity to all of the picture research for the magazine, but I was also able to really study all of the shows and help to develop the trends for the season. This is where I really began to find out who my favourite designers were and why.

I definitely have quite varied taste, but here I've chosen to show the labels that best reflect my personality and style...there are plenty of others that inspire me, particularly with the way they're able to design so well for women.

My first choice is a little bittersweet, as the future of the label is somewhat unknown. It is of course, Luella. Sadly last year it was announced that the label was losing it's financial backing and as yet, there's been no word as to what is next for Luella. This meant that the spring/summer 2010 collection wouldn't be going into production, which is such a shame as it was one of the best yet. Luella seems to have a real knack for designing for the typical British girl - tapping into their desire for feminine clothes with a bit of edge. Her dresses are designed to be worn with a bit of attitude - frills are teamed with tough jackets and florals are paired with chunky boots. Just think of Alexa Chung or Nicola Roberts - just a couple of celebrities who've championed Luella. Luella has also had a massive impact on the high street - just think of ditsy florals, prom dresses, frilly blouses, bows, boyish blazers...need I go on?

Here are some of my favourite looks from the past few years -


  1. It is so utterly sad about Luella. I just adore her clothes and you're right - they're perfect for British girls with attitude. I hope something can be done to save the label.

  2. I know - it's so sad, especially when the s/s 10 collection was so lovely! I really hope Luella decides to keep designing as she is a really unique talent x


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