Saturday, 20 February 2010

Any takers? Accessories :)

Just a few extras before I stick them on ebay...let me know if you'd like them!

I'll make it nice and easy - each item is £1, and so is the postage. If you want more than one item from here or the previous post I will, of course, do a discount on the postage.

Just leave a comment and your paypal email and I will get it all sorted out for you :)

Freedom at Topshop clip-on earrings

Freedom at Topshop anchor necklace - SOLD

Freedom at Topshop flower necklace - SOLD

H&M glasses necklace

Black 'love' bangle, white 'love' bangle - PENDING

Urban Oufitters hair clips - pink or purple (or both for £1.50!)

Topshop brooch - SOLD


  1. Could i have the 3rd one down plz?

    Thankyou! x

  2. @Ashlie - I've sent you an invoice for the flower necklace :)

  3. great pieces!! Love the bows :)
    Vicki xo

  4. ooh would love the love bangles please! my paypal is if you want to invoice me :)

    loving the blog btw :) x

  5. @Eleanor - no problem, I've invoiced you :) x

  6. Hello,

    I would love the Topshop anchor necklace and the Topshop brooch if they are still free? is my paypal.

    I am going away for the weekend and won't be back until Sunday evening...if I see the invoice in the morning before I leave (about 11am) I will pay straight away if not I'll pay Sun eve will that be ok?

    Thank you xx

    Queenie xx

  7. @Queenie - no problem - I've invoiced you now! x

  8. hello,
    i want the glasses necklace! and the hair clips.
    but i'm from brazil, is that a problem?

    thank you!


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