Saturday, 20 February 2010

Any takers?

EDIT - Everything is on ebay now! (latecomers, if you're interested, I'll let you know my username!)

So...every few months I have a mini clearout of my wardrobe and put the clothes I don't give enough love to on someone else can give them the love instead!

I thought this time, before I put them on ebay, I'd give you guys the chance to have a look and let me know if you want anything. Everything is well looked after, and I'm open to a bit of friendly haggling :)

If you're interested, leave me a comment with your paypal address and I will get it sorted. Postage will be £2, except for the H&M dress which will be £3.

So here's what's on show -

All Saints Sachi dress, size 12 - £20

I bought this to wear for a party, and haven't worn it since. It's a knitted, very short dress with cross over straps. It's in pretty much perfect condition and I love it - it's just not very me! It's currently £45 on the All Saints website so this is a bargain :)

note - I tried to take a decent photo of the dress but it's hard to pick up on the detailing - hence the official pic.

Cropped blouse, size 10, River Island - £7

I love this top, but I've only worn it once because it just isn't very me...I think it would look great with jeans or over bodycon skirt or dress. The front has a bow and the back is split with a's in perfect condition.

Top, size 10, Topshop - £7

This top is a lovely colour - a little more vibrant than my camera shows. The front is a simple sleeveless shell shape, and the back is open with large buttons to hide your modesty (aka bra strap!). It looks great with jeans and is in really good condition.

Shirt dress, size 10, H&M - £8

This is a quite heavy plaid material, looks great with leggings or tights, as a dress or a long shirt. It has a low, dropped waist and pockets and is super comfy. I've worn this a few times but it's in great condition.

Topshop tee, size 10 - £7

This is another top I've bought and not worn much - as once again, it's not very 'me'! I think it looks great with a high waisted skirt, but would also look fab with jeans or leggings. It's in perfect condition.

Zara top, size S - £7

This purple top is lovely - again the colour is much more vibrant than it appears. The big draped bow detail neck is really pretty and it looks great with jeans or tucked into a skirt. I love it but I feel a bit funny having anything around my it's only been worn a few times. It's in great condition.

Topshop skirt, size 12 - £10

This skirt is high waisted with a crossover draped front, in a silver lurex threaded material with a zip back. Looks lovely with a simple tucked in black top, or with a quirky tee. I've worn it a few times but it's in really good condition.

American Apparel skirt, size M - SOLD

This is the classic AA, 'Alexa Chung' skirt. It's in charcoal grey jersey and works perfectly with a t-shirt tucked in. It has been well worn but is still in good condition.


  1. awh i love the All Saints dress & the AA skirt just wish they were smaller sizes :( good luck with your sale x

  2. I'm too fat for these but this is a lovely idea, I so need to ebay stuff but I'm just really lazy.

  3. Could I have the AA skirt please? :)

  4. I've just done this on my blog too, with clothes and jewellery - it's a great idea! x

  5. @Jen No problem - I've invoiced you :)

  6. @juicygirl - Ah sorry! The All Saints dress is more like a 10 if that helps :)

    To all - I may put some accessories up next...keep your eyes out :)

  7. ahh, too bad shipping to the states is such a hassle, I'm in love with the black dress and Zara top! xo

  8. Have just come across your blog & I rather like it :)

    Tis a good idea to post the things you want to sell on here, maybe I should try that..! Love that American Apparel skirt - tis very 'me' indeed!

    I've just started my own blog, if you fancy checking it out, please feel free!


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