Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Wish List Wednesday - Hello ASOS!

In case you hadn't guessed...this week's wishlist comes courtesy of ASOS, who have been consistently impressing me over recent weeks.  These are a few items that have made their way into my saved items, ready for pay-day consideration -

Geo print pussy bow dress, £55
 Love the print and the cute shape of this dress - perfect for work or play.  It looks super short, but the model is 5'10" and I, most certainly, am not.

Burgundy spot dress, £40
Another very sweet frock - the gathered waist and quirky button detail - along with the sleeves (who doesn't love sleeves?!) makes it a real winner.

Scallop hem blouse, £30
Scallop hem? Peter pan collar? I'm sold.

Suede lace up shoes, £35

Love these shoes.  My big feet mean that traditional brogues can look a little 'manly' - the soft suede and bright colour ensures that these lace ups are nothing of the sort.

Horse detail cross body bag, £20
I am a big fan of anything horse related (as I write this I am sporting my House of Harlow horseshoe necklace) so this is a definite must have for me!

Are you loving ASOS right now? Or have you sworn allegiance to another brand?


  1. That pussy bow dress is gorgeous, great cut!!


  2. That Scallop hem blouse is lovely - it would go with so many things; leggings, boycon skirts xxx

    Great picks xxxx

  3. @Twiggs - I know! It's so different and I think it would be super flattering! x

    @allthingsprettyandsparkly - Aahhh you are enabling me!! x

  4. Great picks! Reading blogs is so dangerous for me at this time of the month as I can almost smell payday

  5. @Eloise - I know!! It's awful - I get paid tomorrow and I've already mapped out my spending!!


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