Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Thank you H&M

I've mentioned a few times that my love affair with Topshop has been gradually waning.  I fall in love with items on the website (note my Toppers filled wish lists!) only to see them in store and become instantly disappointed with the poor quality and awkward fit.  The prices are gradually increasing, the hem lines are decreasing (there are many great work dresses I try on that barely skim my bum) and for the past few months I have been looking for somewhere else to shop.

Enter H&;M.

I have been consistently impressed by this store over recent months.  A little while ago I walked the length of Oxford Street and bought something in every H&M on the way.

Last week the autumn/winter catalogue dropped through the door and I was instantly drawn in by the rich colours, flattering shapes and amazing prices.  So when I managed to get to a store last week I scooped up armfuls of new season stock and came out with these two dresses.

They may not be the most original shape (remember the infamous Zara dress sported by Frankie Sandford and copied by a million others?) but there are a few things that make them special.  The length is long enough for office wear, the sleeves go well past the elbow (rather than sitting at that awkward section of the upper arm) and the colours are perfect for autumn.  But the best thing?  It has to be the price.  £14.99 each.  Yep.  Less than 15 quid.

I firmly recommend you get yourself down to H&M sharpish.  Let me know what you get!


  1. I love H&M - it's one of my favourite places to shop, quality, fashion and a great price! I agree with you about the top shop prices; whats £45 in there you can get for £15/£20 in somewhere like H&M!
    Love the post x

  2. It's fantastic isn't it? And the quality is exactly the same...I've had H&M dresses that have lasted for years! :) x

  3. I've been contemplating the missguided version of this dress, the h&m pricetag tempts me but I don't know if it will look a little too long on me.


  4. Personally I would definitely go for H&M but that's only because I'm an ardent fan!! It's not mega short, just not bumskimming like so many others :) x


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