Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Mulberry & Me

It seems we just can't get enough of one another at the moment.

Only the other day I was telling you about my Bayswater, and this weekend my collection grew once more.

One of the best things about where my parents live in Somerset is that they are a mere 30 minute drive from Shepton Mallet, the home of Mulberry.  And the best thing about visiting the weekend before my birthday?  Getting utterly spoilt by my mother in the factory store.

And what did I come out with?  Meet Lizzie.

The soft gunmetal grey, the mulberry embossed studs, the chunky strap and the leather you know will just get better with age, all in a clutch?  Perfect.

I buy a big statement clutch about once every two years and have one with me on every night out.  Much better than a tiny shoulder bag,  I can shove in everything I need and still fit it under my arm.

It's also the perfect size for the day when I can't face lugging my Bayswater around, which all in all makes it a great investment...and the perfect Birthday present, a week early :)

Oh.  And I love my balloon.

Are you a clutch girl? Got a special relationship with a certain designer?  Or are you an ardent high street bag girl?  Spill!


  1. I have a fair few friends who work for Mulberry (used to live near Chilcompton) and they get such great discounts it makes me want to give up work and get a job there!
    Gorgeous clutch, and timeless.

  2. Ahhh I would kill for staff discount! So jealous of your friends, though if it was me I dread to think how much I would spend! :) xx

  3. Just wanted to ask, how reduced are the bags there? Because I'd like to go, but obviously if they are still £300 plus I don't think it would be worth the journey...

  4. It very much depends on the style - many of the bags are the sale price with a bit extra knocked off, others are much less!

    On average, the large bags are still about £450, smaller ones £195 - £350. So a decent discount, but definitely not a bargain!

    They also have a factory store in Bicester if that's closer to you :)


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