Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Wish List Wednesday


L-R Topshop dress, Topshop skirt, ASOS earrings, River Island tee, Gipsy (at ASOS) tights

Nauticals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.  Sorry - couldn't resist.  The original line may have attacked the predictability of florals but nautical designs are just as significant come spring.  Does this make me want them any less? Of course not!

It may still (just) be February but I'm already pulling on my breton tees and hoping that soon they won't be covered up by my big fat winter coat.  I'm also lusting after some of the latest nautical inspired offerings out on the high street - I particularly love Topshop's striped pencil skirt and boat print dress and the adorable anchor print tights by Gipsy at ASOS.

Viva Glam Gaga 2

I'm not normally a big nude lipstick kinda girl (pale blue tone pinks and brights have become my trademark) but I LOVE this colour! For some strange reason I held off getting the original Viva Glam Gaga until a couple of months ago but I will not be doing the same this time around.

The colour is a soft nude with a enough of a hint of peach to prevent me looking corpse like...I'm hoping it will do for me what Creme D'Nude (which remains unworn in my make up bag) does for others.  And not only that, every penny of the proceeds goes towards fighting AIDS.  Anyone know the release date for the UK?


After previously dismissing loafers on the simple fact that I have big feet, I now have a real craving to grab a pair or two.  I've recently bought some mannish peg leg trousers and I think that loafers are the perfect accompaniment - as long as they are simple...and don't make my feet look like a man's! I think the Office version above are the current winners, but at £58 I'm definitely looking for a cheaper alternative - so let me know if you've seen any!

French Connection

Jumpsuit (£97) Maxi (£87) Dress (£115) Trousers (£75) *gulp*
 I really can't justify purchasing any of these lovely pieces (seriously FC, chill out on the prices) but I want them all - wah!

So that is my wishlist for another week...tell me...what's on yours?


  1. ohhh I love all the nautical items, dont think I'll ever get sick of that look! x

  2. Ash - me neither! Every year I just can't resist :)

  3. aww you can never beat a breton tee!! i'l be wearing them till im in my 70s! lol

    great blog! new follower : ) x

  4. Kxx - Yay! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels this way :)


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