Thursday, 7 October 2010

Biba. . . in the supermarket?

You may have noticed the relaunch of Biba in House of Fraser stores recently - fronted by Daisy Lowe in that lovely leopard print jacket.

Unfortunately this line has nothing to do with the original founder of Biba, Barbara Hulanicki, who you may remember collaborated on a line with Topshop last year.

The collection was full of some gorgeous pieces, and I still treasure the gems I managed to get hold of...from my floaty blouse (above) to my giant leopard print bag...sadly the famous red leopard dress has remained firmly out of my grasp and I envy anyone who picked it up :)

So onto the topic in has recently been announced that Barbara Hulanicki is producing a line for none other than George at Asda - with all items priced under £25.

The first image of the new collection

After Hulanicki slammed the House of Fraser collection for being too expensive, this definitely fits with the original spirit of Biba - making fashion affordable and accessible to everyone. As she told Drapers -

“The prices [at Asda] are just amazing. These will really be Biba prices. Fuck you [House of Fraser].”

“Everyone should be able to enjoy fashion, and so supermarket shopping is the future. You can buy something, and then hide it from your husband in the fridge."

There will be 5 collections, and this first collection (of 14 pieces) will be launched on 14th November - a week before Lanvin's collection for H&;M hits the stores. Two iconic designers producing affordable ranges in a week? Better start saving now :)

(image and quote courtesy of Drapers)


  1. Ha, her quote is amazing!

    One of my friends works at Biba HOF - I was a bit alarmed at the prices to say the least....

  2. I love the quote! The prices of the new Biba range are pretty shocking - kind of goes against everything it used to be - so nice to see her sticking to her guns :)


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