Thursday, 9 September 2010

What's Your Shoe Story?

I was recently approached by Selfridges to tell you all about their latest creation - The Shoe Galleries. If you are a shoe fanatic like me, it sounds like a dream come true - at least 150 designers and 4,000 pairs of shoes on display.

Christian Louboutin's 'apartment' within the Gallery

As part of the launch celebrations they are inviting everyone to tell their shoe stories via the website...with the chance to win a years supply of shoes. Not bad eh?

All you have to do is visit the website and tell them your shoe story...and to kick things off, I thought I would share one of mine!

Now you may have heard that I spent a pretty long time interning in fashion following my graduation, and was lucky enough to spend 3 months as the Head PR Intern at Jimmy Choo. Whilst there I spent almost all my spare time lusting after the amazing heels...and for once was grateful for my sample size 40 feet. My timing was pretty fortunate and I managed to get a couple of pairs in the sample sale but my favourite pair of all were those gifted to me when I left.

A pair of black satin special edition 'Glenys' heels. The leather lined satin straps, the chunky gold zip and the 120mm heels...heaven in a shoe.  And the fact that no-one can buy these in a shop?  Even better.

Sadly I am far too precious about them to have worn them out, but I will love them forever and they will always bring back fond memories of my time in fashion :)

So, what's your shoe story?


  1. Aw thank you - but don't forget I worked for free for 3 months - that's the not so lucky part :) x


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