Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Barry M in Pale Yellow/Lemon Ice Cream. Another of the new ice cream nail varnishes - yet the jurys still out on this one. It's a vibrant yellow - not quite creamy enough to constitute ice cream - more custard! It took 3 coats to get decent coverage, but after 3 days it's wearing well. So what do you think? Yellow fingers a yes or a no?


  1. I like it! I think you have to have the right look to pull it off though. x

  2. Hhhmmm... I have a very similar colour from Barry M and it's one of my least worn polishes. And it stained my nails!

    I have the pale blue from this collection and it's rather too bright to be described as 'pale'.

  3. This definitely isn't 'pale' and I'm still not!


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