Sunday, 31 January 2010

Review - Lush Mint Julips

Whilst popping into Lush to pick up a Big shampoo (review coming up!) I was drawn to the new sugar lip scrubs.

This time of year, what with cold weather, wind and central heating, my lips tend to take a battering and I'm constantly slathering on carmex by the tube, so I thought I'd see if I could find something that would keep them nice and soft.

The scrub I chose was Mint Julips, which is peppermint and chocolate, but if that doesn't float your boat there is also Bubblegum and Sweet Lips (vanilla and chocolate). The concept is pretty simple - apply a little with your finger, rub your lips together and lick it off! As it's all natural, it's fine to eat...and it tastes rather lovely.

I was really impressed with this - my lips feel lovely and smooth, and although I've only been using it for a day or so I really feel as though this scrub has improved their condition. It's a little messy, and is probably best to apply it in the privacy of your own home - simply to avoid walking around looking like you've just shoved a donut in your mouth :)

The scrub retails for £4.50 and I'd definitely recommend it :)

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