Saturday, 10 April 2010

A Little Apology...

Just a note to say sorry for the lack of posts recently - I've had lots planned but unfortunately these have been scuppered due to a lack of memory card for my camera...which is currently jammed in my boyfriends computer, gutted!

Hopefully though things will be back to normal soon, so for the meantime, here is a quick update of what is going on with me at the moment :)

I've recently been busy researching holiday clothes and bikinis as my parents have sprung a lovely surprise holiday on me and my two brothers - the first family holiday we've had in about ten years! I've picked up some lovely pieces so far, so hopefully a post will be coming up soon :)

Whilst on the subject on holiday clothes I'm in need of advice...swimwear advice! I've been looking everywhere for a great bikini/swimsuit that will flatter my pear shaped figure rather than make me look (or at least feel) like a beached whale. It seems most places don't realise that girls with hips need something too! So if you have any advice on where to get something nice please please please let me know and I will be forever grateful!

So I've been a little preoccupied with holiday thoughts but I've managed to squeeze a few other things in too. I gave blood for the first time last week and I'm so glad I did it - hopefully I can make a difference :) If you haven't given blood before, please do - it's not nearly as scary as you'd think - promise!

I've also been baking up a storm, making sugar cookies and cupcakes, hopefully I'll make some good enough to post on here - I long to be a domestic day!

I'm also just about adjusted to normality after the long Easter weekend which I spent eating too much, drinking too much and catching up with all of my friends...perfect. And now the sunny weather we've had this week has put me well and truly in the mood for picnics, pimms, walks in the park and lazy evenings. Too bad it's set to rain next week eh?

Oh and I almost forgot, I bought Bestival tickets the other week which I am really excited about - the theme is fantasy so I'm going to have to get my thinking cap on and decide what to dress up fun!

Anyway, I've probably rambled on long enough, but please let me know if there's anything you'd like me to cover over the next few weeks and I will do my best to please you!

Hope all is well with you and we shall we back to normality soon :)

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  1. As a fellow hippy girl, I'd recommend buying separates rather than a two piece set or swimsuit so you can buy specifically for your hips. Fig Leaves have some gorgeous stuff and I'm sure there's something to be found at good old Primark!

  2. I may just have to have a look in Primarni next pay day...I've lusted after many on figleaves though :) It gets so depressing having to buy huge bottoms - seems shops don't realise most women have hips! x


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